Meet Your Therapist


Dr. Krista Jenney, PT, DPT

Pelvic Floor, Abdominal, and Breast Physical Therapist

Dr. Krista is passionate about providing personalized care for individuals navigating pelvic floor conditions including pelvic pain, pregnancy and postpartum changes, as well as urinary, bowel, and sexual dysfunction. Pelvic floor issues can emerge unexpectedly, and as a taboo topic, many individuals are uncertain about where to seek assistance. Advocating for comprehensive wellness, Dr. Krista believes in establishing pre/postnatal physical therapy a standard of care, as practiced in other countries. Issues like incontinence, painful intercourse, scar pain, pelvic/back pain, pelvic pressure, and abdominal separation may be common after childbirth, but they are not normal. Dr. Krista also specializes in ultrasound, laser, and manual therapy for clogged ducts. 

Upon entering physical therapy school Dr. Krista knew she wanted to specialize in pelvic health and had a passion for nutrition through the lifecycle (specifically preconception, pregnancy, and lactation) and helping people control excessive inflammation to prevent chronic diseases. She has clinical experience serving patients with a broad spectrum of pelvic floor conditions including pelvic pain, constipation, perinatal conditions, and pre/post-op for pelvic and abdominal surgeries. 

Krista enjoys educating people on treatments available to them and providing them with the high-quality therapy they deserve to improve their quality of life and help them get back to the activities they enjoy. She incorporates concepts from the Postural Restoration Institute, the Institute of Physical Art, and Herman and Wallace into her treatments. When not caring for patients, Dr. Krista enjoys riding her bicycle up Austin’s steepest hills, practicing yoga, teaching group fitness classes, and cooking healthy meals.